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Dental Crown
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  • Dental and Oral Work
Dental Implants
Treatment Category:
  • Dental and Oral Work

About Dental Solutions Los Algodones

Are you ready to enjoy all your favorite foods and to have a beautiful smile again?
In Dental Solutions, we offer you the best treatments you need to regain your smile.

Some of our most popular treatments are:
All-on-4: Our stellar treatment, done by one of the most knowledgable Doctors of Dental Surgeries in the field: Xochipilli Bojorquez. This technique replaces missing teeth with a complete dental bridge, fixed by 4 titanium implantes into the jawbone.
Dental Implants: One of the most aesthetic and durable way to replace missing teeth
Dental Crowns: Fixed implants placed in damaged tooth, ideal to restore its aesthetics and masticatory functions

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