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Dr Marco Faria Correa Plastic Surgery Singapore, Singapore

Cosmetic, Plastic Surgery Clinic, Practitioner

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About Dr Marco Faria Correa Plastic Surgery

Dr Marco Faria Correa is a Brazilian Plastic Surgeon who has been practicing in Singapore since 2000.He is the 1st Plastic Surgeon in the world to perform the keyhole high tech Minimally Invasive Surgery, using the Robotic da Vinci Surgical System to treat the Rectus Diastasis to restore the core muscles.
In 1991, Dr Marco started in Brazil his research project to adapt the endoscopic method to the subcutaneous. He designed a set of instruments to facilitate the new methods and got international patent for it. Dr Marco also developed a few techniques in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery that represent a great contribution in Plastic Surgery by minimising the scar length. He received many International awards for his contribution.
In 1996 he was invited to Singapore by the Singapore Association of Plastic Surgeon to transfer his knowledge. In 2000, he was once again invited back to Singapore to present his update of this endoscopic technique as well as his liposuction method.
In the year of 2000, Singapore also had a programme where the country was opening up to Foreign Talents and Dr Marco was invited to expand his practise to Singapore and was working closely with the Singapore Tourism Board with the concept and idea of enhancing Singapore as an International Medical hub to attract international clients to come to Singapore for treatments.

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