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G clinic Seoul, South Korea

Hospital, Private Hospital

+82 2-546-2575


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About G clinic
G Clinic - Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-age treatment
We have professional staff & facility ready to provide our clients the best tailored service.
Many patients from all over the world have already experienced our services.
We are confident to give you the satisfaction!

Our services include;
- Laser Facial Resurfacing
- Face lifting (non-surgical)
- LIPOSONIX / Fat dissolving Injections (HLLD) / Liposuction
- Autologous Fat transfer (LIPOfiller)
- Dermal fillers and toxins
- Tattoo removal
- Anti-age treatment (Growth H, TST, antioxidants)
- Intravenous Nutritional Therapy (Vitamins, Glutathione, Alpha-lipoic acid, etc)
* Aquí se habla español

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