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Why Medical Travel Icons?

You should only make medical travel arrangements with staff that speak English. But medical travel is not just about the treatments, right? You and your travel partner will want to venture out, see the local sights, and try the local tastes. With any of the following the Well Traveled Medical Travel Icon items, from clothing to bags to notebooks, you can make yourself understod even if you don't speak the local language.

Medical Travel Icons from left to right:

  • (Row 1) airplane/airport, train, boat, bus, scooter/motorcycle, taxi
  • (Row 2) toilet/bathroom, food, water, gas, bicycle, hotel/bed/sleep
  • (Row 3) shower, laundry, ATM, currency exchange, map, WiFi
  • (Row 4) ambulance, doctor, pharmacy/prescription, telephone, print, battery/plug/power
  • (Row 5) police, church, mosque, synagogue, temple, beach/recreation
  • (Row 6) beer, coffee, dairy, bread, rice, noodles
  • (Row 7) hamburger, pork, beef, chicken, fish, salad